How to Apply

Admission Procedure

Enrollment period is twice a year (April and October)

Enrollment period April enrollment October enrollment
Document acceptance period October – November last year April – May
When to apply for immigration Mid-December last year Mid-June
Judgment result announcement End of February End of August
When to come to Japan Late March Late September


Those who satisfy both of the following conditions.

  1. Those who have completed 12 years or more of school education or equivalent courses in a foreign country.
  2. Those who have the ability of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5, J-TEST F grade, NAT-TEST 4 grade or higher.

For those who wish to enroll

If you want to enroll, please contact us first by phone / contact form / email. After receiving a reply from our school, proceed to STEP1.

For the required documents, see the “Required documents” section below.

Step 1

The applicant must submit the following six documents to the school by e-mail, fax, or mail, and pay the 【screening fee】.

  • ・Application Form
  • ・Resume
  • ・Written Proof of Supporter
  • ・ Certificate of graduation of final education
  • ・ Transcript
  • ・ Certificate of passing Japanese language ability or certificate of learning Japanese

Estimated deadline 2 years course (admitted in April)…October - November last year / 1.5 year course (admitted in October)… April - May

We will interview those who have paid the screening fee.

Step 2

Our school will conduct an on-campus examination and make a pass / fail decision. Successful applicants will receive a notification of success, so those who have received the documents should prepare all necessary documents.
Apply to the Immigration Bureau for the 【Application for Certificate of Eligibility】 at our school.

Estimated deadline 2 years course (admitted in April) … Mid-December last year / 1.5 year course (admitted in October)… Mid-June

Step 3

The Immigration Bureau will conduct a screening and will send our school the results of the issuance and non-issuance of the 【Certificate of Eligibility】.

Step 4

A notice and invoice will be issued to the person who has been issued the 【Certificate of Eligibility]】. Please pay 【Enrollment Fee】 and 【Tuition Fee】 to the designated account.

Estimated deadline 2 years course (admitted in April) … End of February / 1.5 year course (admitted in October)… End of August

Step 5

After payment is confirmed, 【Original Certificate of Eligibility】 and 【Enrollment Permit】 will be sent to the applicant.

Step 6

Upon arrival of the 【Certificate of Eligibility】, apply for a 【Student Visa】 at the Japanese diplomatic mission abroad.

Estimated deadline 2 years course (admitted in April) … Early March / 1.5 year course (admitted in October)… Early September

Step 7

Book your flight ticket and inform us of your arrival flight and time.

Step 8


Required documents

※PDFs and Word can be downloaded from the “Document Download” below for those with a mark.

Documents to be prepared
Sponsor (one who bears Academic Fee and living expenses)
Documents to be prepared
Required documents
  • ・ Application Form(Style specified by our school)

    Fill in all necessary information and make sure there are no blanks. Please enter the name which is in your passport.

  • ・Resume(Style specified by our school)

  • ・ 8 photos (vertical 4cm x horizontal 3cm)

    Photos taken within the last three months. Front facing, no background, no hat. Write your name on the back.

  • ・ Diploma or certificate of graduation (original)

    The original diploma will be returned after the screening.

  • ・ Academic transcript (original or copy) of the last school

  • ・ Certificate of learning Japanese language (original)

    Issued by the institute where you learned Japanese. Please indicate the study period and number of hours.

  • ・ Japanese Language Proficiency Test Pass Certificate (copy)

    JLPT / J.TEST / NAT-TEST * If you are waiting for the result, please take the examination ticket.

  • ・ Certificate of incumbency

    Please submit if you have a work experience.

  • ・ Passport copy

    A photo page and all pages with entry / exit information.

    • ・Written Proof of Supporter(Style specified by our school)

      Signature is handwritten.

    • ・ Balance certificate (original)

      Under the name of the sponsor, within 3 months of issuance. Make sure you have enough money for your study period.

    • ・ Employment certificate (original)

  • ・ Copy of bank statement or bankbook

  • ・ Documents that prove the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant

    Copy of family register, notarized kinship

  • ・ Income certificate

  • ・ Tax certificate

  • * All official certificates must have been issued within three months. (Same for photos)
  • * All documents written in languages other than Japanese must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
    Please specify the translator’s name, affiliation and contact information in the translation.
  • * The signature must be written by the person himself. Correction fluid and correction tape cannot be used.
  • * Once the application has been filed, it cannot be returned in any case, regardless of the result of the school’s examination. If you need a copy, please make a copy in advance. (Certificates issued only once, such as diplomas, will be returned.)
  • * If you have previously applied for a Certificate of Eligibility or have been in Japan for a long time, please let us know.
  • * In addition to the above, the school and the Immigration Bureau may request additional documentation.

Document Download

PDFs and Word can be downloaded from the “Document Download” below for those.




If you want to enroll, please contact us first by phone / contact form / email.