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MEC Nihongogakuin Head Teacher
Tanigawa Takashi

From “manufacturing” to “dreaming”

MEC Nihongogakuin is a new Japanese language school in Higashi Osaka. Our theme is "creating dreams".

Here in Higashi-Osaka City, small and medium-sized enterprises with world-class technologies are concentrated, and are famous throughout the country as the world's best “manufacturing” city that can provide anything from toothbrushes to artificial satellites. Even if it's not a big company or a well-known brand, many of the city's products are active in every corner of the globe and in this society.

At MEC Nihongogakuin, we aim to become the world's best "dream-making" Japanese language school from this "manufacturing" city.

I hope international students who come to Japan can realize "dream-making" while learning and growing. It is our school's philosophy that people who fly around the world in pursuit of their dreams and play an active role in learning and growing at this school and play an active role in various situations and places, from large social situations to a part of daily small life is the spirit of learning.

To that end, we are committed to helping you realize your dreams with a dedicated curriculum tailored to your needs.

Open up a new future towards your dreams with us.

MEC Nihongogakuin Head Teacher
Tanigawa Takashi




We have a faculty who can cover each subject when taking the examination.

  • Chief of Education Matsumoto Shinichi

    "Life in Japan may not be what you imagined. There may be mistakes and hardships you cannot imagine.
    But more fun and valuable experiences await.
    Why not enjoy a new life together at a new school? "

  • Minami Noriko

    "It is not easy to learn a foreign language.
    But once you learn it, your world will expand.
    We will also work hard to expand your world.
    Please study your Japanese hard and expand your future. "

Discover Osaka

Osaka is near Kyoto and Kobe, and in the middle of Japan. The first capital city in Japan was set up in the 7th century. Since then, Osaka has evolved into a center of culture and business. Apart from school life, you can enjoy traditional performing arts, festivals and sightseeing.

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Excellent access to tourist attractions! Convenient surrounds and environment

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School Profile

School name MEC Nihongogakuin
Establishment October 2019
Location 2-1-21, Ohasukita, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 577-0826 JAPAN
TEL 06-4309-5175(+81-6-4309-5175)
Midorifukushikai Company
CEO Shimada Natsuyo
2-1-27, Ohasukita, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 577-0826 JAPAN

7 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Osaka Line Mito Station
About 1 hour from Kansai International Airport